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Search for Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, Optometrists and Pharmacies.

Find a Doctor or Service Provider


Search on the Prime Cure Network for a Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist, Hospital or Pharmacy.


Policy Maintenance Medical Insurance

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Book a Consultation: My Telehealth or Counselling

Book My TeleHealth Virtual Doctors or Counsellors for Family, Legal and Financial Advice.

Book a Consultation: My Telehealth or Counselling

As a Dis-Chem Health member you have access to two categories of Virtual consultations:
1. Medical Consultations with My Telehealth including scripts for medication and referrals for x-rays and blood tests if needed. If you are on the Core plan you can substitute your Doctor (GP) visits with My Telehealth Virtual consultations.
2. Family, Legal and Financial Counselling with health professionals (Ask Nelson), over the phone, or virtual via video conference or Face-to-face in person on appointment.
– Members have access to unlimited counselling. Appointments available Monday – Friday 08:00 – 19:00. Bookings essential.
For bookings:

Either contact the call centre on 0861 665 665



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