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Finding the most affordable Medical Insurance in SA

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One of the most frustrating things about private healthcare is that it’s so expensive. From visits to the doctor to the medicine you need, the cost of healthcare seems to rise every year. That’s why finding the most affordable medical insurance in SA is so important, because you want every Rand you spend on a plan to be worth it. 

But how do you go about finding an affordable plan that suits your needs? Don’t worry, because the Info Hub team will be breaking down some key points you need to think about. By the end of this article, you will know: 


What to look for in medical insurance

Let’s first clarify an important fact about medical insurance: It is not a medical scheme, and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. But, finding the most affordable medical insurance can still give you access to quality, private healthcare.

With that in mind, one of the main things to look for in medical insurance is the list of benefits. How many visits to the doctor does the plan give? What types of conditions are covered in terms of the medicine you get? Are there any additional buy-ups that make it a better deal? It’s important to remember that it’s not just about looking at the price. It’s also about looking at what benefits are available to you, and whether they suit your needs. Good plans should at least give you access to private doctors, dentists, optometrists, and medicine.


How to find the most affordable medical insurance in South Africa

A good starting point can be as simple as typing a few words into Google. But if you want to be sure you’re getting the best value for money, finding a list of cheap plans is only the first step. As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to know the list of benefits a plan is offering. The next step you can take is to compare the price and benefits of one plan, with other similar medical plans you have found. For example, compare plans that offer unlimited visits to a private doctor with plans that have the same benefit. Next on your agenda will be making sure you understand the limits and exclusions that come with a plan. A plan might look cheaper, but that could be because of stricter limitations. You will also find that some service providers have different types of plans and different buy-up options. Balancing all these considerations with your personal needs is one of the best ways to decide which service provider will give you the most value.


What to do if you can’t afford medical insurance

If things still look expensive, then a good question to ask is: What do I want? For some people, having access to healthcare is a must. That could mean making some sacrifices, so that you can afford the plan that suits your needs. If your budget is really restricted, then public clinics are still an option. But, it’s important to know that medical insurance is designed to be affordable. Once you go deeper into finding the most affordable medical insurance in SA, you’ll see that some plans cost as little as R15 per day! Medical Insurance might still feel like it’s new, but you do have options – Affordable options. The only decision you must take is whether the value you’re getting makes up for any sacrifices you may have to make.


The benefits of having medical insurance that you can afford

One of the best feelings in the world, is knowing that you have help if something bad ever happens. No one ever wants to feel sick, but isn’t it nice to know you have a plan if you did? With medical insurance, you can have access to doctors, specialists, the medicine you need and much more. Some insurers even offer additional benefits that focus on helping you through life’s toughest emotional struggles. Insurance companies have always talked about “peace of mind”. The benefits you will get could be lifesaving, all for a price that you are comfortable with. This is one of the many ways that medical insurance can be a big plus in your life.


How to choose an affordable medical insurance plan for you

The next step is usually unique to the sales process of the medical insurance company. With some companies, you have the option of sharing a few details about yourself on their website. That is followed by a call from an authorised representative, where you can have a deeper chat about the details of the plan you would like to choose. They will also be able to help you understand your policy documents, which is always a plus.



That wraps up our breakdown! Even though there are a few things to consider, finding the right medical insurance plan can be a simple process that ends up giving you the value that you need.

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Not all Medical Insurance plans are the same and benefits as well as limitations may vary. Descriptions of benefits given are meant to be for general educational purposes only and you must ensure that you seek the advice of a broker to ensure any product choice you make suits your individual needs

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